Casey just smiled. She almost couldn't believe she'd gotten away with speaking her mind, and while it turned out ok, in retrospect she probably just should have kept her mouth shut. Still, she was miffed by Mrs Daly's condescending remarks when she had indeed played a significant part in causing Casey's current situation.

In class Casey felt slightly more relaxed sitting down behind a desk and therefore showing less of her body, but it was obvious that her male teacher was still uncomfortable with being able to see her naked breasts. He seemed to be going out of his way to only look into her eyes when he spoke but she caught him once or twice looking at her tits while she had her eyes down and then he'd quickly look away when she glanced up again. Dirty bastard. He was older than her father! Casey then realised a lot of her webcam viewers were probably his age or even older and the thought made her feel slightly ill.

At morning tea time she was again hit with several requests for selfies. Each one felt like it took a little piece of her humanity but she consoled herself with the realisation that the vast majority were at least viewing her nudity in a positive light. Sure, some of them were probably just perves but most seemed to treat her as some kind of celebrity. There were even some girls wanting selfies with her. She loathed the attention just the same but it could have been a lot worse if it was all mean she supposed.