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Tanya Reynolds was a prodigy in the legal field, and had recently shocked the profession by becoming a law partner at the amazing age of 31. She love the prestige, the perks, and the hefty salary. But she found the stresses to be multiplied at least a hundredfold. She now had what are called 'owner tasks' added to her already busy schedule of lawyer work. When she delegated things - and she had to delegate things - she was relying heavily on those other people to do the task promptly and properly. When dealing with clients, her youthfulness actually was a disadvantage, since she had to fight for credibility. She was expected to arbitrate between the day-to-day squabbles that occurred due to the various frictions in the office. Some days she got so wound up by all this that the thought of becoming a heavy drinker started sounding appealing.

Thank goodness she had David in her life now. David Arkwright was a godsend! Approximately her age, he was handsome, brilliant, articulate, single, and to her amazement, heterosexual! They'd met quite by accident - literally. She'd been rushing out of that trendy café, clutching her terribly necessary first latte of the day, trying to teleport herself to the office, when she crashed full tilt into David, who was entering at that moment. Of course, the latte ended up on his nice business suit, which was sturdy enough to prevent him from being scalded. Spouting apology after apology, Tanya hustled him into the café, blotting him rapidly with paper towels.

When as much of the brown liquid had been absorbed, Tanya offered to pay for the laundering of his damaged garments, and to buy him whatever drink he sought. She also desperately needed to replace her own latte. David graciously accepted both of her offers, and found a table to sit at while Tanya made the necessary purchases. When Tanya came to the table, bearing the drinks, he invited her to sit down and chat.

Normally, she would've declined the offer, and rushed off to the office. But there was something about him. Perhaps it was the twinkle in his eyes, the smile on his lips, his whole mannerism at being so nice and forgiving about the accident. The fact that his current scent was a tantalizing blend of clean manliness, mixed with the fragrance of fresh coffee didn't hurt one bit. Tanya sat. And talked. And slowed down. And made contact on a human level with this stranger. And found that she was starting to like him - a lot. Suddenly it wasn't quite as urgent to rush back to the office.

A ritual formed, with the two of them beginning their day by meeting for coffee and chatting. They found that when they did this, they faced the day with renewed energy and productivity. David looked forward to staring into Tanya's eyes that shifted in color between a haunting gray and a hazy green, set in her attractive face framed by her sleek honey gold hair. From time to time he looked at her lips, especially when she moistened them with her tongue, and got stronger and stronger urges to kiss them.

Tanya was observing David at the same time. From his brown, sun streaked hair - which, in some lighting situations even showed glints of auburn, down to his clean-shaven, well formed chin he was, in a word, adorable. She loved looking into his deep brown eyes, and felt her heart accelerate slightly each time his mouth formed into a smile. She knew she needed more time with him than these brief, albeit wonderful, morning meetings. Therefore, during a momentary lapse in the conversation, she leaned partway across the table separating them. "David," she said quietly, "when are you going to ask me out on a date?"

In response, David grinned mischievously, and asked, "Tanya, is tonight too soon?"

It wasn't too soon. It was perfect. They started out their dinner conversation giving a little more background about their careers. He knew that she was a lawyer, but he had no idea that she'd already become a law partner, and was duly impressed because he knew what that signified about her abilities. She knew that he was a computer consultant, but she learned how he'd started out working with the hardware, even getting his hands dirty creating ingenious solutions to increase the speed and capabilities of some of the peripherals. He'd even gotten a patent on one of his designs. It's royalties were not insignificant. Some men might brag about such accomplishments, but not David. He just stated facts calmly, and answered Tanya's questions clearly.

Several dates later, by tacit agreement they took their relationship to the next level. Tanya invited David back to her apartment, and he spent the night. Their lovemaking was as sweet and tender as it was passionate. Neither of them was a virgin, and they were comfortable enough to share the knowledge of what they needed and desired in a non-judgmental, caring manner.

It wasn't long before David invited Tanya to spend a weekend at his house in the suburbs. He explained how, after experiencing city life for a while, he found himself yearning for a house with a yard. It was in a cul-de-sac, so there wasn't a lot of noisy traffic. Tanya was both amazed and pleased to hear birds chirping in the trees during the day, and crickets singing to them during the evening. The air smelled fresher and more invigorating. Their lovemaking got more invigorating as well.

Tanya soon learned that David had a kinky aspect to his sensuality. She also learned that her body responded to these revelations with such arousal that it both surprised and pleased her. She recalled the first time David suggested that she wear a blindfold during their foreplay. Willing to try new things, and trusting him, she did so. Being deprived of her vision made her much more aware of her other senses - tactile, of course. Not only was she more aware of his touches, but when he took his hands away, her skin felt like it was trying to lift itself to reestablish contact. Her sense of smell was more acute, so both her and his arousal scents tantalized her nostrils. He fed her some of her pussy juices, and let her suck his precum in the darkness of the blindfold, and her taste buds blossomed as never before. She was so caught up in these heightened senses that she begged him to leave the blindfold on as he fucked her! She heard each breath and each heartbeat, and thrilled to the sounds made by their joined bodies as he thrust in and out. Her climax shook her to her core. She vowed to try more new things with him.

David knew instinctively that the pressures of her career could be massive, and that her body craved some 'down time' - some time during which she could completely surrender control. To that end, David showed Tanya some of the ingenious restraints that he'd installed in his bedroom. For instance, the magnetic bracelets that could hold her helpless on his bed in a spreadeagled position. The power that held the bracelets closed was controlled by timers. The two lovers especially love the game where David set the timers for one hour, and then they discovered how many times he could make her orgasm during that hour. She actually had so many that they both lost count.

Turnabout is fair play, of course. So David taught Tanya how to work the devices, and ended up on his back on top of the bed, stretched out with his wrists together up by the headboard, and his ankles together down by the foot of the bed. Tanya enjoyed exploring her naked, helpless lover's body when he was restrained in this manner. Her hands and lips moved slowly over his exposed skin, feeling and tasting. He squirmed deliciously when she toyed with his vulnerable armpits, and growled with desire as she suckled his toes. His rampant erection stuck almost straight up from his body, twitching, throbbing and streaming with precum, before she finally took pity on him.

Straddling his waist, she delicately parted her labia right above the head of his cock, looking into his eyes. She watched his eyes flick from her face to her pussy and back, over and over. His expression was one of need and pleading. Still, she paused playfully to let him anticipate, loving the groaning sounds that vibrated from his throat. Millimeter by millimeter, she lowered herself. The moisture of her pussy met the moisture coating the head of his cock, and blended. Feeling that, her rate of descent increased, sheathing his swollen manhood in the hot, churning depths of her intimate embrace.

Momentarily, she closed her eyes, savoring the contact. Opening them again, she whispered, "Darling, it feels so good to have you inside me. Your cock stretches and fills me to perfection." Placing her hands behind her head, she rippled the muscles of her abdomen in several controlled waves. She wasn't positive what effect those contractions would have on her cunt muscles, with their trapped visitor, but his shuddering gasp informed her that it must be a good one. "Oh. You like that?" she teased. She rippled those muscles again, several times, watching lovingly as he closed his eyes and bit his lips from the pleasurable sensations.

She looked at the timer. "Well, sweetheart. I originally set that timer for 45 minutes, and we have fifteen left. Let's see how many times I can get off, riding you like this in the time that remains." Her eyes gleamed a little as she added, "You might be tempted to cum right away. But if you do, understand that I'm going to keep bucking up and down on you anyway, until the time runs out. So you might want to hold back as long as you can. If you manage to make it through the entire time without cumming, when the restraints open, you can take me anyway that you desire." She watched the expression of surprise form on his face. "Yes. That means any one of my three holes that you wish." She gave off a throaty laugh and started pumping her body up and down.

Up until that point they'd never engaged in anal sex, even though they'd touched upon it in conversation. Tanya knew that she was giving him a prize worth fighting for, but she wasn't going to make it easy for him. In addition to raising and lowering her pussy on his cock, she also rocked back and forth as she gently toyed with his nipples. When she churned her way to her first orgasm, the contractions that her inner muscles made along his dick almost tipped him over the edge. She also almost made him climax when she mischievously moved her pelvis atop him as if she was using a hula hoop. Fortunately for him, it felt so good to Tanya herself that she suddenly cried out, "Oh fuck!" and started cumming so hard that she leaned forward, plastering her torso against his and wrapped her arms around him, holding tight as she shook.

As those waves ebbed, she kissed his lips gratefully in between gasping attempts to catch her breath. The timer expired, and the bracelets snapped open, so David was able to wrap his arms around her and hold her, cuddling, until her eyes came back into focus. When they did, she raised up a little to smile at him and say, "I guess you won. Are you ready to claim your prize?"

His stiff penis was still buried in her cunt, and with a grin he flexed certain muscles to make it jerk inside her. She laughed. "I'll take that as a yes." Good sport that she was, she lifted herself off of him, moved a little to the side, and put a pillow beneath her hips as she laid herself face down next to him. She spread her legs far apart, creating a deliciously lewd display. Making eye contact, she reached back with both hands, grasping her ass cheeks to pull them sideways and expose her pink, puckered opening. Turning her head to look at him, she informed him, "There you are, good sir. It's all yours for the taking."

He took it, but slowly, and sensuously. He rubbed lube on the sensitive ring, over and over, until she was moaning and biting the bed sheet. Then, adding more lube, he slowly relaxed her opening, using one finger, until it was easily accepted, and then two. When he removed his fingers, Tanya's hands, pulling at her ass cheeks, helped keep her hole dilated invitingly while he applied slippery lube to his cock. He wanted her to feel only pleasure, not discomfort.

He positioned the tip of his dick at the center of her ass hole. She giggled softly as she felt the cool lube coating its end touch her heated tissues. As he pressed forward, slowly sinking his entire cock into her rear tunnel, her gasp and his grunt both turning into sounds of a harmonic moan of delight. His balls rested against her labia as he paused, letting both of them relish these new sensations. Her sensations were that of being filled, along with an impulse to bear down, and a pleasant tingling from nerve endings inside her vaginal tunnel, which were being stimulated through the thin wall that separated them from her rectum. His sensations were that of being gripped firmly in a warm, buttery embrace along the entire length of his shaft, along with the heady realization of her loving submission to this salacious penetration.

"I love it," she groaned. "I'm ready. Fuck me, please. Fuck me hard. I need to feel you moving inside me!"

David gripped her hips, pinning her pelvis in place. Knowing that she was well lubricated now, he slid his glistening cock outward until its crown was stretching her anal ring. Using his hands for leverage, he thrust forward rapidly, feeling and hearing his ball sack slap wetly against her labia and clit, which were puffy and sensitive from her prior orgasms. That impact made her groan, "Ohhhh! Yes! Yes! Like that! More, please!"

He gave her more.

Soon, he was pounding her with a lust and passion that surprised them both. Tanya was babbling incoherently as she writhed and clawed at the bed sheets, beside herself with pleasure. David was close to orgasm, but holding it back as he puffed with effort, wanting the gorgeous woman beneath him to cum before he did. From her sounds, he could tell she was close - right at her borderline.

After several more thrusts, she came.

Her vocalizations changed to a long, drawn out keening sound as she began shaking. Her cum juices mixed with her pussy juices and coated his scrotum each time it splattered against her. That extra sensation tipped him over the edge. He shoved his cock firmly into her depths as he began to ejaculate. Wave after wave of muscular contraction rippled up the entire pathway from his testicles to the tip of his penis, powerfully propelling his semen. Spurt followed spurt as his hot seed flooded her nether passage, either giving Tanya another orgasm, or prolonging the current one. Even after they both stopped cumming, he stayed joined with her, stretching out on top of her and wrapping her in a blissful embrace.

After that, by tacit agreement, David could use any or all of Tanya's holes during lovemaking. In turn, Tanya was never reticent about stating what she needed him to do, sexually. She was also very receptive to exploring new levels of kinkiness with him. When he wanted to try something new, invariably he explained it to her, step-by-step, which reassured her. Like when he bought her a special vibrator whose shape, once its shaft was inserted, made it cling to her pussy. The external part of the vibrator was sensitive to sounds. Various sounds activated it to differing levels of intensity. To demonstrate, David played a CD of wind chimes, which kept Tanya simmering. When he switched to another CD that played a waltz, its rhythmic nature made her cum, almost like magic! She loved her new toy, kissing him, and then giving him such a passionate blow job that his knees buckled!

Occasionally, David's job would require him to go out of town. On one of these trips, he had to fly to Boston for an entire week, starting on Tuesday. Tanya knew that he would keep in contact, as best he could. She decided to spend a little time in her apartment, which needed a good dusting and cleaning, since she was spending more time at David's house lately. But on Saturday morning, five days into David's trip, she missed the peace and greenery of his suburban home, and his scent, which lingered on his bed pillow, so she journeyed there, to at least spend the weekend.

To her surprise, when she opened the front door, inside on the hallway floor there was an envelope addressed to her. The note inside told her that he wanted her to go down into his basement - a place she hadn't been before.

When she went down the basement steps, she was surprised to see an elaborate computer set up with a rather strange looking chair in front of it. There was another envelope propped against the screen. This note from David told her how much he missed her, and asked her to press any key on the keyboard, and then follow the instructions on the screen, pressing another key after she'd followed each instruction.

"You kinky devil, you," Tanya said out loud, grinning. "Okay, I'm game." She pressed a key.

The computer screen lit up, and the first instruction appeared: 'get naked, of course' it told her.

Giggling, she quickly stripped and placed her clothing on a nearby table.

The next instruction said 'take the marker pen, and write naughty words or pictures on your body where they'll be hidden by clothing later' - they'd done that once before during their playtime, and she knew that the markings would persist for more than a week.

Nevertheless, her eyes twinkling, she wrote 'fuck this' on her clean shaven mound with an arrow pointing at her pussy, 'slut for cock' on her tummy, 'use' on the under curve of her right tit, and 'me' on the under curve of her left tit. She wasn't much of an artist, but she also tried to draw an image of a spread open vulva being penetrated by a cock and balls. She was really getting into this sexy game that he'd prepared.

Next she had to 'fetch your sound activated vibrator and insert it' so she trotted upstairs to the bedroom to get it, pausing to look in the bedroom mirror at her naked body covered from tits to mound with naughty things, and laughing as she slipped the vibrator into her receptive pussy.

The next lengthy message on the screen informed her 'I'm going to see how many times I can make you cum in one hour, remotely - sit in the chair and secure the magnetic cuffs at your ankles, neck, and wrists - closing them will start a one hour timer' - she gasped, her eyes bulging a little in surprise. "Gosh, I know how powerful this vibrator can be," she murmured. "I wonder what sounds he's planned. And a full hour... wow!" Curious, she did as she was told. The cuffs clicked shut around her ankles, the closing of their circuit activating them. She strained her legs a little, testing them, but they wouldn't budge. They were positioned on the outsides of the chair legs, so she couldn't even draw her knees toward one another, and her cunt was fully exposed on the slightly tilted seat.

Next, she closed the cuff around her neck, glad that it wasn't at all tight, and was lined with a soft, rubbery material to prevent any chaffing. She was about to close the cuff on her left wrist, when she suddenly realized, "David! If I cuff my left wrist, how am I supposed to close the one on the right?" She glanced at the screen. Almost as if he'd heard her, she saw the message 'when you close the left cuff, the heat from your right wrist will trigger the closing of the right one' on its display.

"You sneaky sex fiend," she chortled. "You think of everything." She closed the left cuff, pressed her right wrist against the other one, and watched it magically close itself. A timer on the table next to the screen lit up with the numbers 01:00:00 and then started counting down. The computer screen itself showed the message 'press the left mouse button under your fingertips' and sure enough, there was a tiny computer mouse at the end of her right hand. She pressed the button.

A video window popped up on the computer screen, showing what might be a hotel room. No one was in sight, so Tanya said, "Come on, David. Show yourself." She squirmed a little in the chair's restraints. "The hour has already begun, you know. So where are these orgasms you promised?" she asked, her voice ringing with merriment.

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